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"Seven Days of You" follows Sophia during her last week in Tokyo, where she has lived for the last four years while her mother was on sabbatical from Rutgers (which ends just in time for her senior year of high school). Sophia is particularly upset because her last seven days are the first seven days that Jamie is returning to Tokyo after going to a boarding school in the US for three years. We quickly learn that Sophia and Jamie were close before he left and then had a bad fight right before he left which neither of them has really gotten over. In part, the fight was because Sophia (or Sofa as she has been nicknamed) had a crush on David- which she still does.

Sophia learns a lot of hard truths about her parents, her sister, and her friends during the last week she spends in Tokyo. It's a difficult time for her mainly because she has to leave her friends and the world she knows for New Jersey- the events that happen during the week just compound the difficulty. The book only covers those seven days- but they are a set of days in which Sophia will have to do a lot of growing up. Sophia was, at times, hard to like- she's selfish, oblivious, and easily lashes out at everyone around her. Jamie is quite the opposite, easy to like and sweet through and through. David was even more selfish than Sophia, and clearly has some bigger issues to work through. I felt pretty badly for Caroline, as the group is not terribly kind to her, though there are some revelations there. Mika was a fun character- outgoing, unique, and in the center of it all.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and read it in basically one sitting. Sophia really grew during the book, and it draws you through her memories and current revelations in a really fascinating way. As a note, there is a lot of underage alcohol use, mentions of sexual activity, and a lot of really poor parenting (parents who aren't around and all the high school student parents let them go out and stay out all night). I almost think a college setting might have fit better, as I found some of this hard to believe, but it was an interesting perspective nonetheless. As a warning, the end is a little open/not closed book, and I find myself very much hoping for a sequel, but an epilogue would have been nice (this story is not all wrapped up in a bow). I don't want to say much, it isn't a cliffhanger, but it doesn't have a sense of finality.

I really enjoyed this book and found it really unique and fascinating! I would recommend it for an older audience (older teens/adults) mainly due to some heavier issues/themes. Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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