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"Towering" is the retelling of Rapunzel. It begins when Wyatt is sent from NYC by his mother to live with her best friend's mother after his best friends die tragically. When he arrives, he begins seeing odd things and hearing singing no one else can hear. He makes it a mission to find out who this voice belongs to. Rachel has been isolated in a tower for most of her life with a woman she calls Mama visiting her at nights. Soon, Rachel and Wyatt meet with some insta-love.

I really enjoyed the early parts of this book with the mysteries of who they are and what put them in this situation, etc. The last quarter of the book got a little strange. I won't say why so as not to include spoilers, but it really seemed disconnected from the first part of the book- fantasy changed into something different. I'm torn between giving 3 or 4 stars because I loved the first 75% but could have done with a different ending.
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