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“Remember Yesterday” is an incredible sequel in the “Forget Tomorrow” series. While the second books in a trilogy often seem to lag and just consist of filler to drag out the series, this book was just as engaging and plot-filled as the first- maybe even more so! This book occurs 10 years after the first, in the future which has been radically altered by Callie’s actions in the first. Jessa is now 16 years old and living back in the city. As future memory began to disappear due to the altered timeline, the society has had to adapt. Jobs can’t be given based on future memories, and people have to go back to making their own ways in the world. Despite this, the company is hard at work researching how future memories can be reinstated.

Jessa has had a tough go of things. Since Callie sacrificed herself, she has felt adrift in the world. Logan took her to Harmony, where she lived for several years until a treaty with Eden City brought them back into the world. During that time, her mother remained in the city and she felt very alone. She was treated like an adopted daughter of Mikey and Angela, who had adopted Ryder. She and Ryder are like siblings, having grown up together. There’s a big part of Jessa that feels like the wrong person died that day and that feels unloved. She acts out in part by sabotaging experiments and freeing lab rodents. During one such escapade, she gets bitten by a rodent which had a special kind of virus and the following events change everything she thought she knew about her world and its future.

The rodents also happened to belong to Tanner Callahan, a seemingly stuck-up scientist who was raised by the government/company who controlled future memories. Jessa has never particularly liked Tanner, but then again, she didn’t know him very well. The romance that builds between them is sweet and a lovely addition to an engaging sci-fi adventure. This book was nearly impossible to put down as the plot moves quickly and we never know who can be trusted. I was really interested in the revelations from/by Olivia, who I think we will learn more about in the third book, but there are some really intriguing ideas that come from discussions with her.

Overall, I think sci-fi and dystopian YA lovers will really enjoy this intense, action-packed sci-fi/romance, set in an intriguing dystopian future. There’s really something for everybody in this book, and it’s a fantastic addition to what is quickly becoming one of my favorite series.

Please note that I received an e-copy from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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