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"For Darkness Shows the Stars" is a YA dystopian book which takes place in a world where genetic modifications have resulted in people who are "Reduced" or mentally incapable. Individuals descended from people without genetic modifications are mentally capable and rule the world. They are called Luddites. About one in twenty children of Reduced are born with higher mental acuity and they call themselves Posts. All genetic and technological advancements are spurned by this society.

Elliot is a Luddite who is friends with Kai, a post, who works on her family's farm as a mechanic. They plan to run away together but she ended up staying behind. When Elliot ends up renting some space to Posts, hers and other's ideas will be challenged.

It's a well written book and intriguing story line. It sets up this dystopian future very well, and I'm very curious to see where this series goes. The romance was pretty good, but there's a lot of pining and misunderstandings. Elliot is a strong character and the perfect character to explore this world with. Overall, it was a definite win for me!
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