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"Forget Tomorrow" is a really intriguing YA dystopian set in a future where your life is guided by a future memory, which you receive upon your seventeenth birthday. Your future self has chosen a memory and sent it back to you- it might show you being incredibly successful, maybe something mundane, or maybe even a crime you have committed. Callie is turning 17 and so excited to receive her memory, where she hopes to be hailed as an amazing chef. Unfortunately, the memory she sees is so unbelievably different- she sees herself killing her younger sister with whom she is very close.

People whose memories are of them committing a crime (no matter the circumstances), are sent to Limbo- they haven't committed the crime yet, so they can't be convicted, but there is enough evidence that they will that they can't just be set free. Callie is willing to be imprisoned if it would save her sister. However, it is unclear if we are destined to live out the future memories or whether they might be changed.

Between the philosophical questions about destiny, time travel (as the memories are from the future- so is time linear or circular), psychic abilities, and the legality of imprisoning someone you think might commit a crime, Callie takes us through this new world piece by piece on an engaging and intriguing journey. The flow of the book is absolutely perfect, and the questions raised in it are really thought-provoking. The romance was really sweet too- with just a dash (not overwhelming) of teen drama. The ending does have a cliffhanger, so be prepared to want to dive into the next book immediately!

Overall, this was a fantastic dystopian book that gives you some big questions to consider. Fans of Divergent and similar styles will really enjoy this one!

Please note that I received a digital copy from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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