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"The Sleeping Prince" is a dark and fast paced sequel to "The Sin Eater's Daughter." The book shifts to Errin's point of view. Errin is the sister Lief left behind who now cares for their mother, who has descended into insanity, in a town on the border of Tragellen and Lormere. Errin was studying to be an apothecary and makes ends meet by selling what potions she can- legal or not. One of her best customers and only friend is Silas who is carrying mysteries of his own.

Despite her determination to stay out of the war that came because of the rising of the sleeping prince, Errin finds herself thrust into it and must decide whether she will become involved. It has a much darker theme throughout as war and death appear relentlessly herein.

This book makes small mentions of the characters from the first, but continues the story with a new cast of characters. Honestly, I liked these characters even better. It could almost be a stand alone. I was cheering for Errin and Silas throughout- their relationship was lovely. Errin is a great character to begin this second part with and I really want to see what her role will be in the next book. I wish I had it now! I am quickly falling in love with this series.
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