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"The Wish Granter" is a YA fantasy set in a fairy tale world. Ari and Thad are the illegitimate children of the king. When the queen finally has a child of her own, they are chased out of the kingdom and hunted down by the queen's men. Everything changes when Thad makes a wish to keep his sister safe.

The Wish Granter makes your wish come true but at a horrible price. Thad soon realizes this when the Wish Granter shows up and flashes his contract at him, where the fine print says that Thad can't interfere in his dealings around town (where he extorts money and deals drugs). Thad has his hands tied as if he violates the contract, it will become due immediately (he will die). However, to save his kingdom, he is willing to risk it.

At the same time, Ari is working on a plan of her own to get rid of the Wish Granter and save her brother. She enlists the help of the royal weapon maker, Sebastian, and they become friends (and maybe something more). The Wish Granter foils their plans at every turn, so will Ari be clever enough to beat him in the end?

Overall, it's a a great fairy tale based story and becomes obvious pretty quickly which fairytale it is based on. I found the first part to be pretty slow, but it definitely picks up a lot in the second part of the book. The romance was fantastic, and I loved can the character dynamics. Some of Ari's opinions about food made me laugh out loud too- she was a great main character! I enjoyed it overall and it was a pretty good follow up to "The Shadow Queen" which I loved! I'm curious to read the next book in this series!
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