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“Anomaly” was an interesting YA sci-fi/fantasy where we’re introduced to a whole other world. Josie lives with her mother and her younger brother. Her older brother died a few years ago, and her father is constantly away on business. She’s finally turning 17, and on her birthday, not only does her boyfriend break up with her, but she also begins to have these strange headaches. Soon, Josie learns that she has a special ability called Pushing, where she can make objects appear into reality by observing them. There are also people who can Retract things- they can make items which were Pushed into reality disappear. People who can do both are Anomalies.

To make things more complicated, Josie learns that the hot new guy (Reid) in town was sent to train her for her new abilities. The plot flips between first person narration of Josie and Reid; it turns out Reid has been in a version of witness protection and his identity concealed, but we learn quickly that he’s been in love with Josie for a long time. There’s a bit of instalove, but it’s backed up by some substance mentioned in the past and developed during their trainings. Their romance is a little push and pull, but I liked it overall. The world of Pushing is made even more complicated by the existence of the Consortium (they are bad, but it’s not exactly clear why- something about the power of Pushing and attitude towards Plancks, or normal people). Reid is part of the Resistance, which works against the Consortium- who are out to kill Josie.

Overall, it was a really fascinating read, and I liked how we learn about Josie’s abilities and this new world through her eyes. It’s a bit unique in that these powers are limited and people will eventually run out- however, it seems like they aren’t too worried about it/use it all the time (but older adults have already run out). This is complicated by the existence of a serum which can allow a Pusher to move past these boundaries. Furthermore, using the powers too much can corrupt and/or make someone lose their sanity. There’s an interesting balance with these powers that you don’t usually see in these types of books. It really sets this one apart. It got a little lengthy with the trainings, but I think it helps set up the abilities and limits, although I do wish it moved a little faster in the middle of the book- the beginning and ending paces were perfect!

There’s also a good amount of action and the plot continues to thicken throughout the book- I am really excited to read the next one! I think people will also enjoy the sci-fi/comics references and science information integrated into this strong plot. I think this is good for all ages (no intense sexual situations, although there is some making out, and not too much violence). It’s a really intriguing sci-fi book- that will be a series to follow!

Please note that I received a copy from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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