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“True North” is a fantastic continuation of the True Born series. Lucy is on her own with her parents and twin, Margot, gone- most likely to Russia. Lucy is in the care of Storm and the True Borns. The book begins with her helping them at parties and the like, while she is itching to go and locate Margot. Eventually, it becomes clear that the promises Storm made may not be ones he will keep, and Lucy sets out on her own to find Margot.

The book is steeped in mystery about the two girls. We begin to get some answers, but there are so many questions that we don’t feel as though we gain the right answers in this book. My only complaint about this book is that it is too short! I groaned when I realized I had hit the end- it’s too good and I wish I could continue it right now! The wait until the next book will be way too long!

The world is built a lot more in this book than the first, so for people who found the first to be lacking in that area, I think it will improve with this installment. As we see the rest of the world, we learn more about what is going on and what it’s like for people who are not in the Upper Circle and get a taste for other countries (though it is still limited with the fast pace). There is some really intense romantic tension between Lucy and Jared- it was a little rough at times because I love them together and really wanted them to be together, but it does fit their personalities and plot pretty well.

Overall, this was a fantastic, fast-paced installment to what is quickly becoming one of my favorite series, and I cannot wait for the next book! Please note that I received an ARC from the publisher through netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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