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Abuse is such a difficult topic to write/read and I think that ALWAYS FOREVER MAYBE really does such a beautiful job telling this kind of story. ALWAYS FOREVER MAYBE follows Betts as she meets and falls for Aiden. When that love turns sour Betts finds herself putting distance between her and her friends. She’s keeping secrets and lying and terrified of anyone finding out.

There are so many things that I liked about this book and that I think Anica did really well. One being Jo and her friendship to Betts. I love books with great best friends and I think Jo was such an amazing character as well as a friend. No matter how many times Betts pushed her away or lied to her Jo knew something was wrong and she kept showing up. And when everything happened Jo was there. She made sure Betts knew her worth and that she was loved even if Betts fought her tooth and nail.

Another thing that I think Anica did really well was that she completely captured these feelings. From first love, to being afraid of every move you make, to feeling so alone. Betts is a strong character and I loved seeing that her strength didn’t take away from the fact that she was in this situation. And I loved the way Anica writes this character who is in this bad situation but still has this incredible strength and you can see it in her even if it takes awhile for Betts to see it in herself.

Overall Its a great story, and characters that have incredible strength. Anica is a beautiful writer that took a story about a very tough topic and filled it with hope and love and growth. I would suggest picking this one up.
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