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INVISIBLE GHOSTS was not what a book that I was expecting but one that I quite enjoyed. Rose has always blamed herself for her brothers' death, so spending the afternoons with him is no sacrifice for her. When their childhood friend, Jamie moves back to town Rose realizes just how much she’s missed out on, but leaving her brother behind is not an option.

I have never read a Robyn book but I absolutely get the hype after reading this one. INVISIBLE GHOSTS is a contemporary story mixed with some paranormal aspects and filled to the brim with geeky references. I loved Rose. She was funny and smart, but she has never dealt with the pain of losing her brother. And throughout the book, we see how she continues to choose the safety of her bubble over the unknown. Rose is a character that is instantly likable, and one that you root for. And what I love about this book is that its so character driven and you focus on her journey of holding on to the past or moving forward into uncharted waters.

Another thing I loved was the way it focused on grief and the part it plays in Roses life. Rose has always blamed herself for her brothers' death and has this fear of letting him go. She has also felt like she has to fill the space that he left. These scenes between Rose and her parents or Rose and Logan were really beautiful. A lot of them had me in tears. The idea of grief getting in the way of living a full life was so beautiful and the way that Rose has to choose was so sad but it was such an amazing moment. This story really is about love and hope and how to move forward after someone you love dies. Granted not everyone sees their loved ones in ghost form but I loved that aspect of this book as well.

Overall I thought this book was amazing. It was funny and had some really deep moments that brought tears to my eyes. This is the first Robyn Schneider book I’ve read but it will not be my last. And I highly recommend this one if you like contemporary and paranormal.
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