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The Fire Queen is a thrilling continuation of Kalinda’s unforgettable story
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Readers are swept across the desert to the sultanate of Janardan, filled with the deadly beauty of King’s imaginative world. Kalinda finds herself surrounded by dangerous jungles, refugee camps, and Bhutas living openly and proudly, serving Sultan Kuval. Yet Kali cannot reveal she is also a Bhuta for her people still abhor the fire power of the burners.

Kali must compete once again. This time to keep her throne as the first wife of Raja Tarek’s son, Ashwin. It is the only way she can save her people, and Deven, from the atrocity of Kuval’s refugee camps and the chaos tearing their country apart.

Kalinda comes into her own in this book as she embraces her burner abilities as well as her role in the future of her people. Faced with the difficult choice between duty and her heart’s desire, Kalinda must decide between Prince Ashwin and Deven, all while keeping the sacred Zhaleh safe from those who would use it to release the Voider into the world.

I enjoyed seeing Kalinda test the boundaries of her burner powers. This time she is a warrior and a queen, better equipped to face the arena and win her place as Ashwin’s first rani. She faces fire, poison and a mysterious force within that she doesn’t yet understand.

The growth of both Kali and Natesa is a joy to see. Once enemies, the two women have overcome their differences and become loyal friends—a wonderful example of strong female characters for King’s young audience.

Readers will likely miss Deven’s presence in this book as he and Kalinda are torn apart upon their arrival at the sultan’s court, but I have high hopes of his return in the next book, The Rogue Queen.

Final Verdict:
The Fire Queen picks up right where book one left off, throwing the reader straight into the heart of another fast paced journey for Kalinda and those closest to her.
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