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A vibrant tale of a reluctant heroine cast into a fascinating world of danger and palace intrigue
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The Hundredth Queen is a vibrant tale of a reluctant heroine cast into a fascinating world of danger and palace intrigue. I could not put it down!

Kalinda is an orphaned young woman chosen by the indomitable Raja Tarek for his one-hundredth and final wife. She suddenly finds herself fighting for her life and her newly acquired throne with her guard, Deven as her only ally. Hunger Games fans will find the familiar kill or be killed theme of the arena style fights a familiar, yet well executed trope.
The historical setting is purely fictional, although based on Sumerian history and mythology. The result is an exotic and believable world with exciting twists and turns at every interval as Kalinda attempts to navigate the dangerous circumstances she finds herself in. The fast pace and mysterious events keeps the pages turning long into the night.
I particularly enjoyed seeing Kalinda’s growth from a character reluctant to accept her role, to a fearless warrior embracing the power she never knew she had, to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
There are moments where Kali’s lack of training and lack of knowledge of her Bhuta powers seem to set her up for utter failure, yet she always manages to come out on top, but not always in a believable way. The final moments of the book make it all worthwhile as the story arc comes to a satisfactory close, leaving Kalinda ready to face what comes next in The Fire Queen.

Final Verdict:
The Hundredth Queen launches readers into an unforgettable world of forbidden romance, unimaginable powers and a perfectly evil villain. And that is only the beginning.
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