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SAME BUT DIFFERENT by twins Ryan Elizabeth Peete & RJ Peete is told in alternating narratives and loosely based on the twin’s real-life experiences of navigating life with autism. The book follows twins Callie and Charlie as they enter into their 16th year, but unlike past years of sharing everything together, Callie is moving on to tenth grade while Charlie is held back a grade.

The book does a great job of addressing some of the challenges that face Charlie, who has autism, and Callie, who does her best to be there for her brother as they both try to figure out being a teenager in addition to living with autism. The guilt, frustrations, and joys were apparent as the reader was invited to share in the family’s experiences that might not be “normal,” and can prove to be daily challenges for Callie and Charlie. The love that both twins have for one another is powerful and inspiring, even as both occasionally struggle with coming to terms with their lives being different.

Overall, this book offers some wonderful and honest insight into life with autism from a fresh perspective and authentic voices.

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