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Miles Away From You
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Grief is a funny thing, it's usually messy--and rarely neat--with the barest of touches, it makes a wreck of your life.

Miles Away From You is a wreck of a novel, in that it totally encapsulates grief, it's effects--and what it's like to, try to move on.

Miles' girlfriend is in a coma, and everything outside of her seems wrong. The art website and magazine they've worked on together--seems like a space that will never be filled again.

Everything is just off, and Miles is barely dealing with it. As a result, his Mom's send him off to Iceland. For a month.

In Iceland, he meets people, learns things--and eventually learns how to move forward.

While the book is heavy on the grief, it doesn't feel too bogged down by Vivian's comatose state. It allows for character growth--and story progression, never allowing the story to stay in one place for too long--which can happen when one of the main characters die, or start the story off dead--or even near death.

This book, while not necessarily for everyone, will appeal to a general audience--particularly if you've lost someone before.

There are solid characters, misadventures, and picturesque moments that will appeal to many a reader.

Miles will regale you with his awkwardness, and the changes that slowly take place throughout the story.

A great story for teenagers and adults alike, the overall message of hope will give the reader something to root for, and maybe even a romance to swoon over.
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