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Not your ordinary dragon story
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I am a huge fan of the Wings of Fire series and I was eager to return to Tui T. Sutherland’s Dragon fantasy world.

What I loved:
The artwork by Mike Holmes is phenomenal. Fans of the series will love getting a look at the different races of dragons from the Seawings and Mudwings, to the Nightwings and Rainwings.
The Dragonets of the prophecy were all such great characters with unique voices, but Clay, the Mudwing is the shining star of this story.

What left me wanting more:
The story loses something in the translation from novel to graphic novel. I wanted to see more of the original story come in to play, (but then again I’m not an avid graphic novel enthusiast either). The illustrations made up for what was lacking in the story, but I did have a hard time keeping up with so many similarly colored dragons. All the oranges and reds just kind of ran together in the end so there were times that I was never really sure who was speaking.

Final Verdict:
Young fans of the series and graphic novel fans will enjoy this fast paced illustrated version of the original book, The Dragonet Prophecy. The vivid illustrations bring the imaginative world of Tui T. Sutherland’s Dragonets to life. A fantastic addition to a captivating and uniquely inspired Wings of Fire series.
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