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Young Adult Fiction 1192
Romance and Sisterly Bonding
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When Brooke's stepsister Natalie moves in, Brooke knows it's going to be an adjustment. Natalie has Asperger's and needs that little bit extra and Brooke wants to give it her all. Especially since she's longed for a sibling her whole life. Brooke finds herself spending more time doing events with Natalie and helping her adapt to her new setting as well.

After Natalie joins musical theater, Brooke takes the leap to be there for her and volunteer to be in the back stage crew. Here, she meets Micah. When they first meet, there's an instant attraction, but Micah is quick to dismiss it. He's the stage manager and she's the assistant. To him, that's all they can ever be or else it'll mess with the production. However, there's no denying what they feel happening between them.

I loved how this story didn't just revolve around romance. Instead, it shows how different it can be to live with someone who has Asperger's. I really enjoyed that side of it and the bonding that occurs between Natalie and Brooke. Micah and Brooke's relationship is completely different. It's a forbidden one, that neither can fend off.

Final Verdict: This is the perfect book for those who live with someone on the autism spectrum or who want to learn more. It's also good for those who like romance with a little bit more to the plot.
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