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The Sidekicks by Will Kostakis
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I think the author wrote this book with his tears--and I don't say that to be funny. This book is sad, like really sad.

I'm not quite sure what the author's goal was here--but if it was to make me feel sad, for a person and/or persons that do not exist--mention accomplished.

A group of friends lose the one person that keeps them together--and they wander around trying to figure out both the lost of their friend--but also how they still (if at all, if ever) fit together.

To be fair, the book is written brilliantly, and the characters are awfully realistic.

Their feelings and emotions really come through. This is however, in my opinion, a mood read.

While contemporaries have the tendency to be more serious, this is one of those books you need to be in the mood for--otherwise I think there won't be a true appreciation for what the book has to offer.

Again, the characters are solid, the story moves effortlessly, its just sad, and well--it kind of brought me down--despite the semi-happy ending.

Things to look forward to: Seamless, and realistic point of views. Raw, and gritty emotion.

Things to watch out for: Heart-wrenching sadness. Bring tissues.
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