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(Updated: January 25, 2018)
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Blood Will Out is a dark read that alternates between Ari's view, and the killer's. Full of the gritty details about murder and the thought process of a psychopath, the author leaves you chilled!

What I loved most about this book, what really made it a great read for me, is the second POV. The killer is so dark when giving us the facts of their childhood, their plans. They don't feel emotions like empathy or regret, and to see the thought process, how they plot out their actions, is amazing. It was well researched and it showed through each chapter the killer narrated. It was absolutely chilling to read how honest and dark the killer is. The author did not shy away from the dark and gritty details, and instead showed us how the killer thrilled the darkness.

I do wish it had been more clear how long Ari had been held though. It took her almost have the book to escape, and yet it turned out to be less than a day. It confused me and it had felt like so much longer, that I just went with it.

The writing is lovely, though. It flowed well, showed the emotion and state of mind of the characters well, and it keeps you hooked! The dark details are nothing to shy away from when this author writes them. Trying to figure out who the killer is was so hard! The author left clues, and brilliantly showed readers how killers can integrate and act like any other person.

Overall, this is a read for all the murder mystery lovers out there!
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