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I admit that I’m not a big anthology fan. I find the stories in them are hit and miss. ‘My True Love Gave to Me’ was a choice for one of my on-line book clubs. I thought it would help me to get into the holiday spirit and to acquaint me with some new authors. I’m really late putting up this review but I loved many of the stories and wanted to talk about which ones I loved and which one I didn’t love.

Midnight: Rainbow Rowell
This story features Noël and Mags and their growing relationship every New Years from 2011-2014. I really liked this one. The premise of just having snippets of a character’s life for several years really made the story enrolling. It was fun piecing together what was going on in the characters life the rest of the year. 4/5 Stars

The Lady and the Fox: Kelly Link
This tells about Miranda’s relationship, over several Christmases, with a strange man who appears and disappears. This one left me really confused. I could not figure out what was going on. I thought the stranger was a Santa type man but turned out he wasn’t and he seemed really creepy to me. I didn’t like the magical realism aspect of the story. The only part I liked was the description of the detailing of the fox and lady on the stranger’s coat. 2/5 Stars

Angels in the Snow: Matt De La Pena
Shy (this is the main character’s name) pet sits for his boss during Christmas vacation. Shy meets one of the neighbors, Haley. I really liked this one. The story-line just rang so true to life to me. Reminded me of the crazy stuff that goes on at college.5/5 Stars

Polaris is Where You Left Me: Jenny Han
Natty is Santa’s Adopted Daughter. Natty struggles to fit in with the elvis in Santa’s work shop. This was a cute story. Did not blow me away or anything. This read more like a kid’s story to me. 3.5/5 Stars

It’s a Yuletide Miracle, Charlie Brown: Stephanie Perkins
Marigold buys a Christmas tree at a tree lot near her home. There she meets, North, a worker at the Christmas tree lot. North helps Marigold bring her tree up to her apartment. I really like this one. I can see something this happening to me.
5/5 Stars

Your Temporary Santa: David Leviathan A young man dresses up as Santa to surprise his boyfriend’s little sister. I liked the premise of the story. Someone dressing up as Santa to surprise a child makes a sweet story. For some reason the execution just fell flat for me. 3/5

Krampuslauf: Holly Black
A girl decides to throw a New Year’s party at her deceased grandmother’s trailer.
What just happened here? I loved the premise but the magical realism just ruined it for me.

What the Hell Have You Done, Sofie Roth: Gail Forman
A Jewish college student attends Christmas caroling and makes a new friend. Cute story. Very romantic and funny. Rings true about how those that don’t celebrate Christmas often feel left out. Not my favorite but loved the characters. 4/5

Beer Buckets and Baby Jesus: Myra McIntire
A Church has to hold their annual Christmas pageant at another venue when their barn burns down. This should have been funny but I just didn’t buy the whole wacky story and the romance seemed really forced. Seemed like a John Green trope. 2.5/5

Welcome to Christmas, CA: Kiersten White
A girl works at a Christmas themed restaurant in a town called Christmas. She is doing her best to get accepted to college and to get out-of-town. Than enter Ben, the new cook at the restaurant. I loved the story. The characters were very relatable. I live near Christmas, Florida so I totally got the cheesiness of the restaurant and the town. 5/5

Star of Bethlehem: Ally Carter
A girl exchanges destinations with a desperate girl at an airport .
I really didn’t like the premise. It’s all based on two girls switching flights at the last-minute. This seems really far-fetched in this day and age. Just not for me. 2/5

The Girl Who Woke the Dreamer: Laini Taylor
A fantasy story centered around Neve who is struggling with her bleak life.
Loved the world that was created here. The ending just weird. 3/5
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