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Young Adult Fiction 2073
This Darkness Mine
(Updated: September 30, 2017)
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Sasha Stone's life has been 'perfect'. She's top of her class and has the 'perfect' boyfriend. Everything seems almost too perfect and it is. She doesn't understand why she has feelings for Issac Harver, the school bad boy. Or why she has visions of things that she knows nothing about. Then she finds an old ultrasound of her and a twin sister. Problem is her sister died before she was born. She fears that her sister is now a part of her. Or is she?

What worked: This is a suspenseful, on the-edge-of-your-seat read with the perfect creepy twist. Readers don't know if Sasha is in fact 'hearing' from her dead sister or if she's having a breakdown. When Sasha finds the ultrasound, she confronts her mother about a sister. Her mother tells her, what she already kind of figured out, that her twin Shanna, died while in the womb. Sasha starts 'finding' notes from Shanna, daring her to be 'bad'.

Sasha struggles to figure out what's going on with her leads to some confrontations with her so-called best friends. Also she fears that Shanna lives in her through her heart. These scenes are creepy and very twisted. I admit, I didn't know whether or not Sasha was in fact having a breakdown. But it's only later in the story that the pieces to the puzzle start coming together. There's been real life instances of heart transplant patients who claim that they 'feel' sensations, urges from the the heart donor. So the scenes where Sasha ends up doing what she feels Shanna wants to do, could be very real.

The suspense really builds in the second half of this novel. Readers will be guessing what's really going on until the very graphic climax of the story. **No, I won't give it away, but let's just say I jolted up with the revelation!

Twisted tale of a former 'good' girl who feels her life is taken over by a dead twin. Dark, creepy, and very addictive.
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1. Creepy twist
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