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When Dimple Met Rishi was on my most anticipated list for this year. One of the things I love about YA is the diversity. Whether it's sexual orientation, gender, religion, or ethnicity, I am always looking for different books that have these things. I picked this one based on the Indian heritage and traditions. It didn't disappoint me. I did only give it 4 stars just because it was predictable as most YA romances are.

But it still made me smile. Dimple was such a fun person. I loved her passion and drive. She wasn't going to let tradition get in the way of her happiness and she was spunky. I always love a strong female in books I read. Rishi was just adorable. I will say he got on my nerves a bit when he was so uptight (seriously, how many boys want to talk about sex instead of just having it), but I really liked him. He was sweet and loving. Ashish and Celia were great additions to the story and I ended up really wanting more from both of them.

The story line was interesting with the coding and comics, but I really liked reading about some of the Indian traditions. It's hard growing up in the US and trying to understand how people still think arranged marriages are ok. Or how you don't date until you're much older unless it's arranged. It was nice to read about the ideas from both sides. The girl who wanted to really move away from tradition and become independent and the boy who loved those traditions. I liked how they were able to get each other to see both sides and find ways to honor both. I definitely want to learn more about their customs and traditions now and hope we see more YA books with Indian stories.
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