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Valka has trained as a pilot, and idolizes some of the Russian women who have made the news for the aviation exploits, but has had no luck finding a job. When the Germans attack the Russians, Valka answers a call for a women's air unit. Her long time friend, Pasha, joins the army. The two were just friends, but start to realize, through a series of letters, that they are fonder of each other than they thought. Valka has to learn how to fly for combat, how to get along with superior officers, and how to deal with the fact that she or her comrades could die at any time. Pasha also has to deal with these things. Eventually, Pasha goes on a mission behind enemy lines and needs to be rescued by Valka.
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World War II is still a really popular topic, and I'm always looking for books on different facets of it. Riordan's The Sniper covers women in the Russian military, but I didn't know how much more involved Russian women were in the air force. There are many more books about the army aspect of the war, and not as much about the air battles, so this had several things to recommend it.

The light romance was a great touch to get readers who are not tremendously interested in the military or history to pick up the book.

The details of daily life at the time were quite good, and I especially enjoyed reading how Valk idolizes some of the women pilots and is given the opportunity to have flight instruction. This might surprise some young readers. Pair this with Lasky's Night Witches, Davis' Mare's War and Lynch's WWII series.
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