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Woodstock is amazing
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August 15-18 is the anniversary of Woodstock music festival! and i relived that time by reading this book! i make fan arts for books and while drawing Micheal and Cora, I was listening to the music! and i now know why it was special. reading this book made me learn why this event is so special. historical at the same time contemporary and it is beautiful! i really liked this book very much.

if anything though, i thought the insta love and the flow of the book was kinda spotty for me. but the message that the book wanted to come across is just too beautiful. self-discovery, fighting for what you believe in, feminism, courage, and just a lot more things make this book so beautiful! this is such a special book.

the book is set almost 50 years ago but it seems so contemporary with what is happening to the world right now due to politics, rights, and peace. and I think this book can be relevant for a very long time as long as Woodstock is relevant. and i find books that can be timeless so astonishing beyond words.

Cora and Michael can definitely embody the modern teenager with college, what to become in the future and so forth. their discovery of each other pushed themselves to be better individually. and i really think that's one thing you'll know if this is true love. like i said, not a fan of how their insta love came to be. but it definitely is love.

this book is definitely amazing on its own way. and i'm so happy to finally understand to beauty of music, camaraderie, peace, and love.

*i won a paperback of this book from a giveaway
Good Points
~ self discovery
~ love peace and music
~ contemporary art the same time historical
~ based on real events
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