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The Hanging Girl
(Updated: August 20, 2017)
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Skye Thorn is a fake. Her so-called psychic abilities are all a scam. Then she gets involved in the biggest scam yet which goes terribly wrong. She finds out the people behind the scam will do anything, include kill, to get what they want. Will she be able to find out who they are before she ends up on the wrong side?

What works: This is an intense psychological thriller with an inside look at someone who fakes a psychic ability with a twist at the end.

Skye is that girl who knows how to con people including those at her high school with tarot readings. She's smart as she knows how to read people without giving anything away. She's not that likable at the beginning of this story as she takes advantage of those for a quick buck. Then she does the biggest con of all--using her fake psychic abilities to let police know about an abduction of a fellow classmate. I have to admit I was surprised on who was really being conned in this novel. There's a lot of twists and turns through this story including a few red herrings. The final reveal totally took me off guard.

I found it fascinating to learn some of the tricks of fake psychics on how they're able to fool people. I was on the edge of my seat wondering who really was the con artist in this story. The characters are multi-layered with flaws. None of them are the 'good' guy or 'bad' one. And the author didn't quickly resolved the mystery at the end either.

Intense, dark tale of a con that goes wrong. Fast-paced mystery that will have readers guessing till the end.
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1. Intense, dark tale of a con that goes wrong
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