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I really relate to this book very much. Most especially with Pen. This book was so honest. Many symbolisms but the most profound symbolism is dinosaurs.

this is the type of book that you seem to annalize. Maybe it was just me who annalized it but it definitely brought the sense of having hidden meanings, hidden messages, and a lot of deep thinking to what the author would like to actually come to say.

It definitely started slow. it felt as if it were already explaining something the reader already knows. And Pen seems to be the innocent and pure teenager that is actually what I think teens are. Or probably just me when I was a teen. i related to her so much. Hating change, believing in that epic love story, how it's a choice with her or without her. i could see myself clearly in her... and this book is what made it beautiful.

i would definitely understand if not all who read this would get it. but i want to thank Meg Leder for writing a book not because of heartbreaks, but because of writing a book for people who feels scared, neglected, ans even ignorant sometimes. i have to admit, I feel braver having finished it. and these are the books that would stay in your heart for a long time.

i love the characters. Pen is the type of main character that you would hate but also like. Eph is so brave and frank, Aud is her own person. And these characters are represented by someone we know in our lives... scary yet enticing...

i could go on and on about this book. i really truly loved it.

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Good Points
~ very relatable main character
~ type of book that i loved to annalize
~ type of book that has hidden meanings and messages
~ very realistic characters
~ just the message is beautiful
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