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Zoe and the Nerd Herd are Back!
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Zoe and the Nerd Herd from the House of Night Series have returned for another adventure in LOVED. All of my favorite characters are back and there's never a dull moment in the House of Night, especially when Neferet might be stirring again.

It's been almost a year since Neferet was defeated and now Zoe is high priestess. She and her friends are trying to merge the human and vampire worlds to live amongst one another in peace. But peace can't last if Neferet comes back.

When opening a circle goes wrong, the red fledgings surge into Zoe's world. However, there's something different about these vampires and some are even familiar. Zoe and the Nerd Herd must band together again to destroy the darkness spilling into their world once more.

I absolutely loved that the characters were the same as they were in the House of Night Series. I enjoyed the couples: Zoe and Stark, Aphrodite and Darius, Shaunee and Erik... This book did not disappoint and exceeded my expectations. There's action, drama, love, light, dark, family, and friendship on every page.

Final Verdict: I very much enjoyed this book and any fans of the House of Night Series won't want to miss this one. I would also recommend it to fans of vampires and am eagerly awaiting the second one.
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