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I love a lot of things about this book
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I am so happy I read this book! there so many things I like about it!

the plot is really good. winning the lottery can be very overwhelming and I'm all for Maddie and in why she did the things she did. She's head string and humble but it was definitely tested. i like that the book was really about her growth, her discovery of her moral compass, and just about her realizations about her surroundings too.

I really love that the love interest is Asian! ? I saw this article that male Asians are not viewed as sexy or attractive. they are viewed as nerdy or weak. so having this is such an amazing thing! i know that this is not the first time but I'm just in love that Seth is this sweet, banter-y, kind guy that would make anyone swoon-y and in love with him. so, i thank Kasie West for writing him!

I also like the minor characters. i love how even written in Maddie's perspective, they are presented as unbiased. I loved that they are very well on their own. Blaire, Elise, and Trina are very good examples.

to tell you the truth, this book made me cringe because of all the money talk. I swear I felt bad for Maddie because of the things changing, how people treat her, and even how she seems to be changing... but I think that's really effective writing right there. Because I felt sympathy towards the character.

Though the book has a satisfactory ending, there some parts that I felt was left out... and it's the type where it's not exactly open-ended.

all in all though, I enjoyed the book except for cringe parts of all the money... it was sweet, fluffy, and pure in the romantic elements. but such realistic, and honest view on family, friends, and growing up.

*i received an ARC from yallwest
Good Points
~effective writing
~well written characters
~Asian love interest ?
~more about self discovery
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