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‘The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter’ follows, Mary Jekyll. Mary is Dr. Jekyll’s daughter (of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). She decides to explore her father’s mysterious past.
I found this concept totally enthralling. Taking the story of ‘Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ and expanding on it. It also added well-known literary characters along the way, such as the daughters of Dr. Moreau and Rappaccini.
Even though the characters were not original to the story, I loved the unique spin that Goss gave them. I kept wondering which charter would be introduced next. It also made me want to read the classic novels that ‘TSCotAD’ is based on.
I did like most of the characters. I didn’t like the character of Sherlock homes in this book. I felt like he was just a catalyst to involve the girls in a murder investigation. Also, the whole thing with Justine’s story seemed forced. Like the author was forcing an alternate story then what was originally written by Mary Shelley in ‘Frankenstein’
I loved the overall feeling of the story. Gothic and a bit dark without being too scary. Very Penny dreadful like.
I’m didn’t really like the future dialogue that was interjected into the story-line. It felt like it was side tracking the story. I would find myself forgetting what happened before the dialogue began and would have to go back and reread to remember.
There was also a lot going on in this book. There was a lot of running around. A lot of characters. A lot of background stories. I felt some of this could have been paired down a bit to help the story flow a little better.
The story was funny and endearing and just an all together fun read. One that you don’t need to have read the classics behind it to understand what is happening. Though different that what I expected. I did enjoy it.
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