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Welcome to the Starfield fandom
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I was in SDCC last weekend so I had to hold off reading. I finally got to finish reading this wonderful book. It was definitely the perfect read for the perfect occasion of SDCC just ending.

Okay, I'll get right to it. Ever since this came out, I was pretty much very excited because once again there is a nerdy/geeky book that knows how I feel about a fandom. I was just so excited to get my hands on this and what do you know? I won this wonderful book from goodreads!

Like any other retelling, it starts of with Elle's home life. Miserable definitely. But this book is amazing because this isn't about just Elle's story, this is also Darien's story! I know, with a lot of retelling nowadays, I'm pretty sure this is not the first time. And having Darien as a famous actor-heartthrob isn't new either... But I love this retelling! I was so engrossed with Darien's story mostly. The way he fights his battles especially what he's facing were just... wow! But all the feels came from Elle's story though. Elle is a fighter but there's just some things that you cannot fight but find a smarter solution!

I also love that there are an elements in this retelling that was solely the authors. And I am not talking about the fandom (I'm not gonna say due to spoilers). But that is definitely the main element there. She actually made the reader part of the Starfield fandom which I really appreciate because it doesn't exclude us. And I love the idea that the fandom is family because this is very true!

If there is anything I don't like is it can get too fairy tale-y. Also eventually, everything became easy for Elle in the aftermath. The secondary characters were important, but I wished they were more involved or at least more reason behind why they do the things they do.

Nonetheless, the whole general story makes up for it's flaws. And I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!

So if fairy tales are your love, grab this and welcome to the Starfield fandom! ?
Good Points
~ let's the readers be part of the fandom
~ Darien's battle are... Wow!
~ Elle's story have the feels
~ wonderful version of the retelling
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