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Omega is an addictive, engaging adventure that effortlessly combines fantasy, greek mythology, and dystopia. Not only does our MC Lyssa entertain a few monsters, she can also see the strands of life and thus can create or destroy anything as she sees fit. Once again reunited with two of her past creations, her journey is kickstarted into a dangerous game not only of politics and war, but of romance and sacrifices.

Lyssa is brave and strong, as she was raised to survive. She can fight and hold her own when isolated in a forest with little resources. However, being raised by Preists who only wanted to keep her safe by keeping her isolated and unaware of the outside world, Lyssa is met with certain disadvantages when she finally gets introduced to the world outside of her forest. Foolish and optimistic, she walks right into disaster multiple times. She always finds a way out however. She learns a lot in this first novel and it is amazing to see how much she grows in such a short time merely by being introduced to a world she never new about.

Adonis is my favourite character in the novel and he is what made this book so amazing for me. It was easy to get attached to him, creature by night and man by day. He is cold and intelligent, loyal and trusting and just overall a brilliant character. He was shown little love and loyalty growing up and yet he is not so damaged that he can't be loyal. He is protective and honest. I loved ever minute with him and I hope we can see much more of him in the next novel!

As brilliant as the characters are, the world could use a little more detail. Gods and humans are at war, and some of the most powerful people want to control Lyssa for their own political gains or revenge. We know this. However it is hard to visualize where they all are on a map and how it works. Are they like the US and Canada, each with their own cities, people, and rulers? How are they all so close together and yet all have their own power of reinging?

Overall, this is an intense start to the series and I definitly want to read the next book asap!
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