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When Keira, Anastasia's sister, goes missing, she is presumed dead by the authorities, but Anastasia knows deep down that she's still alive. Having lost her parents, Anastasia isn't ready to lose her sister so she takes matters into her own hands. However, things aren't as they seem. When secrets about her parents start coming to light, there's much more to Keira's kidnapping than Anastasia anticipated.

Anastasia enlists the help of Charlotte, Keira's best friend, who is also a whiz at computers and hacking and quickly becomes a huge asset. When leads have her traveling to a different country, Anastasia is happy when sweet and good-looking Marcus tags along. He vows that he'll help her any way he can to find her sister.

PROOF OF LIES is full of mystery and suspense that leaves you wanting more when it ends and thankfully, there's going to be a second one. This story had me on edge as I tried to decipher who took Anastasia's sister before she did.

Final Verdict: I absolutely love Marcus and how he is always there for Anastasia. I also enjoyed the gripping way PROOF OF LIES is written and it takes you on a roller coaster ride. This was a thrilling story that I would recommend to fans of YA mystery and suspense. PROOF OF LIES will keep you on your toes.
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