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IT'S CONVENTION SEASON!!!! i pretty much picked this book up because I just went to Anime Expo 2017 and I'm going to San Diego Comic Con for the first time and I am crazy excited! before you say anything I know that this book is in NYCC but it's Comic Con and it's cool!

I'm just so excited for Comic Con and what better way to escalate my excitement but to read about it! I have to admit, I feel like at least I know what I'm up against when I enter the convention center now. But I really should study more ?

Anyway, going to the book! This book is so adorable. I love the characters, the flow of story was unexpected, the ending was way more unexpected, and the whole book was just so good!

characters: diversity, check! i love that Roxy is not your typically love interest! it's just so fresh in my perspective. Really cool how there's some culture lesson even just through food. but in totality though, Roxy is pretty much badass in her own right.

Graham, is just adorable! I'm into the fact that he's just someone you find strong yet vulnerable. he is funny too! and I just cannot helo but to root for him all through out the book.

their friends too, are freakin awesome! i love Casey's i-don't-care-but-i-do-care vibe. i love that Felicia found her footing in geekdom. mad respects to Devin and Amelia. and i'll leave it at that. and special mention to OG, I'm pretty sure Graham would be a bit lost without him.

all these characters were just so well put together I just love it! and having the setting in comic con is just magical!

writing wise. so good, funny, and also emotional. they were just perfectly placed in the book. since there are tons of fandoms, I appreciate that the author took the most famous ones so that every type of reader would get it. i also love that the center of fandom is made up, because at least the types of readers can understand and fangirl together.

i'm a geek myself, so the appeal of this book to me is off the charts! and I am in love with it. as if i was in that con too! and just the fact that it made me remember my own relationships with people appeals to me more.

let's get to the plot. this is not just an adventure in comic con, this is also an adventure in life, in love, and in friendship. even if it just lasted a few days. i just love how these are the highlights in this book. comic con was just there to help them out.

i have to applaud the author. though not the focus, I love that she slipped many issues of the world today. it's interesting that teens should be aware of gun ownership, politics, equality, and the like. it's like an intro to young adults that they also need to be informed.

all on all, this book is just so lovely. the excitement of what will happen next is just outstanding for me.
Good Points
~ the geekdom
~ it's in comic con!!!!
~ it's funny
~ the characters are great
~ it's quite unexpected actually
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