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The Secret History Of Us
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Ahh, good ol' amnesia, and accidents. Nothing like a story that you have to piece together. Makes me feel like Sherlock Holmes--and I love Sherlock Holmes.

In the case of this book, I was Sherlock Holmes,--who deduced the entire mystery of the story in a short couple of minutes. There wasn't much to solve. Unfortunately there were no secrets and very little history, despite the title. I was once again foiled by an elusive and slightly misleading title.

To make it short, this book is a series of puzzle pieces that once together, presented a pretty uninteresting and a barely there spark of a story. I followed along page by page hopeful for some eye-opening aha moment--but what I got instead is a story with decent characters and not much else going on.

That was the problem. Not much went on. In a story like this one you would expect quite a bit to be lingering under the surface but the story was that, surface. Surface details, surface back-story, and just a lot of nothing--and I am disappointed.

The story is perfectly readable and fluid, with characters you want to know more about but like I mentioned a couple of times already you barely reach the surface of who they are, and what they are hiding--perhaps what they were hiding just wasn't all that interesting.

I gotta admit it really had potential but again the whole mystery answer thing fell short for me. If this was merely a contemporary, it would've been better--adding the mystery hindered instead of helped.

I wanted more but I just didn't get it. Ahh well.

I'd recommend this to fans of books, like With Malice, and This is Our Story.
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