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(Updated: July 03, 2017)
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In RISE OF THE ISLE OF THE LOST, it's a race for King Triton's Magical Trident and those who hold it can command the power of the sea.

Uma, daughter of Ursela, Harry, son of Hook, and Gil, son of Gaston, band together to search for the trident. They first hear of it's appearance on the island through a rumor, but this is more than gossip. It can be their only ticket out of the Isle of the Lost. Plus, Uma's eager to get revenge against Mal and what better way to start than by getting her golden ticket into Auradon.

Arabella confesses to losing the trident to Evie, who is her only hope at finding it before King Triton finds out it's missing. Mal, Carlos, Jay, and Evie have their next mission and try to keep it secret, but of course everything doesn't always go as planned.

Final Verdict: As a fan of the Little Mermaid, this was a very interesting read and brought me back to my childhood with some of the same elements that play a part. At the same time, it had an interesting plot that I was eagerly waiting to see how it would unfold and who would get to the trident first. This is perfect for fans of fairy tales, Disney, and fantasy.
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