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After a year and a few days owning this book, I finally read HIGHLY ILLOGICAL BEHAVIOR. And it was beautiful. I finally decided to read this because it's Pride Month and I haven't read a book with the main character as an LGBT rep.

though I read this in a couple of days, I actually put this off. and since it's so hot and i can't sleep properly I actually read it quickly than I expected. But it wasn't the heat that kept me from sleeping, it definitely was this book! and i am regretting i put this off.

I am in love with it! I love the characters, the plot, the flow of the story and just everything about it! ... except for the little itty bitty thing that I thought was left unanswered for me.

Anyway, the plot was cray for me. there's this girl who wants to fix a mentally ill person. yeah the girl is cray. and it sounds so wrong in so many levels. but i think Sol's story is the one that makes it more enticing! and Sol's the one that makes the plot so good!

As the story goes on, there's this beautiful friendship that's formed and I cannot help but feel for all of them.

The characters are superb! Besides Sol, Lisa, and Clark, there are these minor characters that shine very much. Sol's parents and Grandma are so cool! and I understand that because my parents are awesome too. The main characters though are just hands down amazing. Though Sol has mental illness, the author made it clear that he is still a functioning human being. And that made me realize that it's the same for real people with mental illness too. I swear! this is why i love reading books, i get a glimpse of other people's lives even though it is a fiction book. Anyway, it also shows that sometimes the normal people are the ones that have something wrong with them.

the story flow is so good. I feel like I'm in Sol's house too. Like I was part of there little group playing games and watching TV. and when we are getting to the climax of the story, I was almost tearing up. My eyes were getting wet because of the feels. i got totally emotionally invested in the book. and that doesn't happen often! i even had my phone ready to snap photos of those quotes that speak so much to me.

This book was just truly beautiful! and this could be a competitor for the best reads I have for the year.

And since it's John Corey Whaley writing, he throws curveballs. And those curveballs just went straight to my heart like it was the catcher's glove.

I'm so happy I read it. It's perfect for the summer and it's perfect for Pride month!
Good Points
~ perfect for a summer read
~ perfect for Pride month
~ amazing friendship book
~ the story flow though!
~ the quotes are amazing
~ made me realize something about people with mental illness
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