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if you look through my books here in goodreads, the paranormal genre does not belong here. but this book drew me in as i progress in the story.

i've been hearing about EERIE for awhile now and seeing a consistent very good rating, it definitely made me curious.

I have to admit I was captured with Hailey. she's a very intriguing heroine and courageous too. but she is not a favorite as the story progresses. the other thing that captured me is the world. it's quite original. and i like the idea that the author still favored religion as the reason why everything exists. we never see this in paranormal so that is a plus for me.

speaking of the world created, it left me so curious.the things that could be discovered in this world is interesting, but it was set aside for the romance aspect of the book.

I see this book more as romance than anything. the way the love triangle was created was so good, but it left me confused. I truly thought that it wasn't an even playing field. Maybe it was because I favored one than the other, that's why it wasn't satisfying for me.

i have to commend the friendship element in the book. I love that it was progressing to something better and it is definitely true friendship. I love the differences and the likeness of Hailey and Giselle. they really really well.

if anything, with the ending of the book, it just left me more unanswered questions. which is a good thing and a bad thing. Good, because it makes the reader want more of the story and looking forward to the next book. Bad, because it wasn't satisfying...

in general, i like the romance and the created world. but the adventure for me was lacking. I think it focused too much on the romance but that romance was crucial to the story though.

*i received a copy of this book in exchange for a review
Good Points
~ the world created
~ the romance
~ the friendship element
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