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Pinned By Sharon .G. Flake. This book is about a girl
named Autumn who likes wants things her ways,
loves wrestling, and she HATES reading. It’s also
about a boy named Adonis who likes to get things
completed, has disabilities, and is very smart. First,
Autumn has feelings for Adonis, but Adonis feels
uncomfortable then, Autumn quits wrestling and
Adonis tutors her after her qutting. At the end,
Autumn and Adonis becomes girlfriend &
I like this book because, It uses words that readers
has not used yet. The main character keeps big
words in a jar. Because , she doesn’t know how to
read. For example, one of the great words is,
“agatied.’’ I like this part because, Autumn is trying
to express herself and get better. This matters
because, if I don’t know how to pronounce a word
ill save it and try practicing it later and grow my
I don’t like this book because, the way how they
come to tell the readers two the truth at the end
of the story. There is a girl name Peaches who is
Autumns best friend and them 2 got into a
argument because, Peaches told her that Adonis
and her are cousins . I don’t like that part because,
all that shocking news should of came out at the
beginning. This matters because, if I’m reading a
part where Adonis and Autumn are going back and
forth then why don’t Adonis just throw out
there that him and Peaches are cousins instead of
having all that drama.
In conclusion, the overall recommendation is ,
You should read this book because, the way the
author / character uses big words that some
readers don’t know. You may also not wanna read
it because, the way they did all that drama just
because Adonis and Peaches are cousins
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