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a good intro about being a Filipino Immigrant
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Happy Philippine Independence Day!

This is the reason why I picked up this book. June 12 is the day of our Independence. And I thought this would be a good way to celebrate: by reading a book by a Fil-Am author about an immigrant girl.

I was quite wary in reading this because it was published 2004 or 2005. And since it is a "contemporary" book, maybe it's not as contemporary as it is for 2017. But I was wrong apparently! This book actually has depth in it despite the main character. It actually talks about culture, adjustment to new life, being an immigrant, and change.

Speaking of main characters, V is fourteen years old. So I had to channel my fourteen-year-old-self when I was reading it. And guess what. V and I actually have a lot in common! One significant thing for sure was being boy crazy. I was as bad as her when it comes to boys. And that's the thing. Even though the narrator is a Filipino immigrant, you'll still find something in common with her because everybody knows how to feel in love and looking for that first love.

I actually like a lot of this book. I like the friendship that she built in here. Because I for one know how hard it is being an immigrant and all that stuff. I think it was a genuine friendship and that was really cool. The family aspect is also amazing. Family is very important in the Philippine culture. All the quirks, traditions, the small itty bitty details just immerse me in familiarity because that's how I am with my family too.

Personally, the author's examples and explanations of how Manila and the Filipino people are actually on point. For someone who doesn't know anything about the Philippines, the glimpses given here are a good way to have an idea about Manila. But just Manila not the entirety of the country.

Like I said, there was actual depth in this. A teen or a tween will, in my opinion, would learn something from this and I really like that.

This is a really good book, but it was quite dragging. There's just some stuff that I thought was overly explained.

Really good book. And I'm so happy Melissa de la Cruz gave us a voice.
Good Points
~ glimpses about Manila and the Philippine culture
~ the Filipino traditions are on point
~ more depth to it than I expected
~ contains a plot twist
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