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Z is so depressed she can barely find the energy to get out of bed each day. Sabrina has taken to numbing herself with drugs to deal with her brother’s death and her parents’ resulting pain and indifference. Justin can’t control his anger, and although that serves him well on the football field, fighting is getting him trouble elsewhere. Gabby wishes she could let go of the rituals that help her get through her day, but she can’t stop herself. Andrew is convinced that every ache and pain is the start of a terminal illness, and his family and teachers have stopped listening to his complaints and demands for medical attention.

Five teens. All of them outsiders. Each has “issues” that make normal high school days exceptionally challenging. One day they’re invited to something that seems to be a group therapy session set up by the school counselor, but when they leave the session, their lives have been turned upside-down.

Five teens. All of them with a new type of power that makes them invaluable to the FBI, and they’re set loose to use their new-found skills to try to find a murderer in their small town.

THE LOST CAUSES—the name of the book , and the name the teens give their group—is a fast paced and interesting story that gives readers the chance to imagine that being kind of a mess can actually be an asset. Z, Sabrina, Justin, Gabby, and Andrew are all solid characters, and their diverse personalities almost guarantee that every reader will find someone in the pages with whom they can relate. The mystery the teens are tasked to solve is an interesting one, and there are plenty of unexpected twists and turns to make up for the parts of the book that are transparent.

With a little bit of romance, hints of humor, plenty of action, and compelling characters, THE LOST CAUSES offers a quick read and leaves readers with the hope that the kids will be back for at least one more book. I know I’ll be picking up a copy of any subsequent novels in a series!

My thanks to YA Books Central and the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for my unbiased review.
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Compelling characters

A good mystery
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