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Possible spoilers ahead.

"You're a hero, Penryn, whether you like it or not."

This will be a short review since this follows Angelfall.

World After is much like Angelfall (obviously, it's written by the same author and is a trilogy). As much as I'm loving these books, as well as the characters, there still is no "wow" factor to make these books a 5 out of 5 gear story for me. However, I love the realism in this book. It's not like the whole "you're the savior for our world/species/city/kingdom" nor does it have a main character that immediately knows what they're doing after two chapters, or doesn't get scared. I really enjoy being able to read how clumsy Penryn is when it comes to battling, even with the practice with Raffe (in memories) and "Pooky Bear." Also, the relationship between Penryn and Raffe is still one of my favorite types of relationships.

Speaking of their relationship, I really really REALLY love how the subtle "I like him" and "I like her" situation is. Unlike the characters falling in love almost immediately (and sometimes, actually in the very first chapter), it's taking them a while to actually come to terms about their feelings, even if it is just because of the Angelic Law forbids it. I'm really starting to find the whole forbidden love kind of bland now that everyone is doing it, but this is done very well and it's not like they bam, fall in love and then they're all "omg, we really shouldn't do this *makes out with.*" With that said, it actually makes you long for the two to get together and actually have things turn out well for them so they can get what they want.

Much like Angelfall, I rate this story with 4 out of 5 gears. Even though there's no "wow" factor enough to completely blow me away, I still very much enjoy reading the story and cannot wait to read the final book!
Good Points
- the love interest
- the plot
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