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Angelfall is most definitely a unique story with a dark twist on angels and the apocalypse itself. I always used to wonder when I would come across a book that would make it seem like the angels were the bad guys, and, well, I found it. The relationship between Penryn and Raffe happens to be one of my favorite types of relationships; snarky, sarcastic, but at the same time, you just feel some type of bond between the two.

I heard that to have a good story, there needs to be some form of romance to keep things interesting. That doesn't seem like the case for Angelfall, as the only "romance" done was just a kiss that, in the end, meant nothing (or so we think... dun dun dun). As someone who loves the dark side of writing, I found this book very enjoyable to read. I loved going with Penryn through the end of the world, showing how she survives, and what was becoming of the human civilization.

Knowing this was not the only book out there when I finished, I immediately picked up World After, which I will be reading.... Well, right now.
Good Points
- the concept
- the plot
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