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Possible spoilers ahead.

A Court of Thorns and Roses is a very engaging story, throwing us into a new world of faeries and humans. The writing style of the author is captivating, making it hard the book down. I happened to be at work when I started reading this, and the more I read, the more I got into it, leaving behind reality to put myself into Feyre's shoes. This resulted in me rushing my customers out the door so I could continue!

Let me just start off by saying that I personally love Ms. Maas' stories. I read her Throne of Glass series quickly and fully captured in that world (I'm eagerly awaiting the next book)! What I love about the author's writing is that she really knows how to world-build, pulling you right in and making it really easy to visualize it with her descriptive words.

I absolutely loved the romantic build-up between Feyre and Tamlin. It's very realistic in the sense that if a monstrous creature stole me from my home barking about some treaty needing to be fulfilled on my end of the bargain, I'm pretty sure I would be both scared and full of hatred for quite some time, too -- not like other books where it's all "Oh, I hate his guts, but I fell for him anyway in just three chapters." With that said, the drawn out romantic build-up between the two really made me long hardcore for things to work out for them!

As the story went on and I hit that big epiphany, I was nearly mind blown. Normally, when reading, I usually can tell where a storyline is headed, but this one... Ugh, this one had me completely all like "OH MY GOD." No joke, I was walking out of work when I hit that scene and I hated the fact that I had to drive home just to read more (I cheated a bit and sat in the car for five minutes to read more). I really didn't see it coming. Maybe my skills are blinded.

IN CONCLUSION, this was a very epic start to a very epic journey for both Feyre and to be honest, I hated that I got it so soon after publishing, because now, I have to wait again. Great. If you love the Throne of Glass series, or even if you're a huge fantasy junkie looking for your next fix, I highly recommend you get this book. It's great and will not disappoint!
Good Points
- the new world
- the storytelling
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