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The Biggest Reveal Ever
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The biggest reveal ever.

I will never stop subconsciously fangirling about this book and this series until my last breath. Crown of Midnight is the action-packed second installment of the Throne of Glass series and one of my most favorite. Why? Well, maybe you should read it and see for yourself. (HINT: The ending will leave you all like whhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?)

Ms. Maas has once again blown me away with her writing and her stories. If I seriously had to choose my favorite of the series (so far through my re-read), it would be this one. I'm not saying Throne of Glass was bad because, hell, look at my 5-gear review on it. There's just something about big reveals and subtle cliffhangers that don't make you want to punch 5 babies in a row, but still makes you want more. I believe I actually read Crown of Midnight before Heir of Fire was published which made the wait excruciating.

The characters are still amazing and once I finished reading, I had come to a conclusion. Even I can't choose between Dorian and Chaol. I can't. I mean, Dorian is compassionate, kind and definitely not like his father... but Chaol... he challenges Celaena, keeps her fighting as if they were a perfect match. They're both UGH.

This is my half-assed review of Crown of Midnight. I hope through the blabbering and fangirling, you were able to see that I loved it.
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- Celaena, the butt kicker.
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