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As the last book in the Haunting of Sunshine Girl trilogy, The Sacrifice of Sunshine Girl is definitely one to remember. This is the peak of Sunshine's journey, the reason for all of her training. This is what the first two books were building up to, and I am not disappointed.

Sunshine is back in school and more determined than ever to get this right. The darkness that has been following her, that has grown and struck many towns in the last few weeks? It is almost ready to strike, and Sunshine is trying her best to figure out a way to beat it. Through terrifying ghost encounters, new hope for the luiseach race, and perhaps a relationship with a certain biological mother, as well as betrayal, Sunshine goes through many trials that test her strength and endurance. Each time she bounces back stronger and with more knowledge. But she can't help but doubt herself when it comes to defeating the man in charge of the demons. He can kill her, and easily so. Being scared won't help her however, so Sunshine rises up and defeats all odds. She is a great character and she is so strong and brave in this book!

The writing is still very lovely. It flows well, makes for a quick read, and makes it hard to put the book down! I didn't want to stop reading. This is a book that will slither into your thoughts constantly when you're not reading it. You will want to keep reading until you reach the end. Intriguing and paired with a pot set up to make you jump from the edge of your seat, this is a novel you will fly through. However, I did find some things were mentioned continuously, almost every chapter. Sunshine seemed fascinated with the fact that she took energy when she was born which resulted in a lot of death, and she seems to remind herself of it every chance she gets. This managed to drag the story slightly.

Overall, this is a quick, enjoyable read full of adventure, sacrifices, and defeating evil. Ghosts, demons, and a whole lot of chaos will keep you in the world until the very last word.
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