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Um, wow. Consider me officially spooked for the rest of the year. How am I supposed to sleep soundly after this??? I swear my hands are still shaking while I type this. This book... gosh, it's like my worst nightmare. However, it is undoubtedly good, so if you enjoy reading thrillers, you might find this one quite enjoyable.

Girl on the Verge captured me from page one as it introduced Kan, the main character. She's a Thai girl born in USA, living in a small town where she's the only one "different". Never feeling as if she belonged in Kansas or even in Thailand (for she was just not Thai enough, according to them), she constantly struggled balancing her two separate lives. What she did know is that she wanted to be a clothes designer because she's actually really good at it. So her story starts off well, a girl trying to discover herself and possibly get the boy she has a crush on finally notice her. That is until her mother allows a recently orphaned girl to stay with them that all hell breaks lose.

I must say, I think I failed to notice when I first read about this book that it was a thriller. I RARELY read thrillers/horror because it all honesty, I get scared pretty easily. So imagine my surprise when after a few chapters of a great main character struggling with self-identity that I knew she was somehow going to overcome and the swooniest boy ever, some things started to get oddly creepy, it the subtlest ways. First, a girl coming on a bit strong for being a stranger. Then immediately acting like your best friend. Then making you be blood sisters, ritual and all... among many other things that screamed DANGER. Yup, you bet goosebumps sprouted all over my arms while reading it.

This is my first book by Pintip Dunn and holy muffins, I cannot deny her great ability to captivate you with her words, her storytelling, and characters. I was so damn scared and disturbed, to the point of feeling nauseous, but for the love of books, I could NOT set the book down. I read it in one sitting and I don't regret the read at all, but I also somehow want to forget it. It insanely brought me a sense of déjà vu and that scares me the most because WHY?? I don't ever EVER want to have a stranger come into my life and try to steal my identity, my life. That is truly my worst nightmare.

Ugh. Anyway, this book will surely stay with me for a long time. I thought it was a dark contemporary read, but never guessed THIS dark. It certainly fooled me when the love interest was introduced (OMG so cute, I loved him!) and I thought it would focus more on them as a couple, but instead this book took me into a twisty, devilish journey that I'm perfectly content for it to always remain fictional, thank you very much.

Final Verdict:

Girl on the Verge had me at the edge of my seat the whole time and while it may not be my usual genre, I certainly was enthranced by the thrilling story inside. Definitely check it out of you like to feel your pulse raised!
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Had me shaking the whole time so that's good, right?
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