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Aspen loves dragons, especially photographing them, but they have secrets that she can't even imagine. They have human forms.

Obsidian is the future dragon king, but before he can claim the title, he must live among humans for ten years. For this reason, he becomes Sid and meets Aspen at her high school. To his dismay, she doesn't want anything to do with him. If only Aspen knew she was talking to a dragon. It's illegal for dragons to fall for humans, so why does Sid keep playing with fire? There's just something about Aspen that he can't get enough of.

But when hikers start getting killed in the park, people are quick to point their fingers at the dragons despite Aspen's protests. Aspen wants to prove the dragons are innocent so she takes matters into her own hands. After getting a tip from Sid about a black dragon who lingers by the river, Aspen decides it's worth a try and goes looking for him. Not only does she find him, but he can also talk to her. Sid feels guilty for hiding the truth, but it's the only way he can get close to Aspen because she won't open up to his human form.

I loved that Aspen didn't instantly fall for Sid. Instead, he reminds her of someone who broke her heart. So, even though Sid adores her after their first meeting, Aspen wants nothing to do with him. I would've liked to have seen more depth of the dragon world, but there was still enough that I enjoyed it and understood what was happing amongst them. I loved that there was only one black dragon and that it's the king, which also happens to be Obsidian. OBSIDIAN kept me turning the pages because I wanted to see what would make Aspen change her mind about Sid and I was cheering him on the whole time.

Final Verdict: OBSIDIAN gets 3.5 stars and is a good read for fans of YA fantasy and dragons.
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