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Evil Angels
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This book follows Penryn, a young girl living in a dystopian world where angels have conquered the world and have run humans into hiding. The angels are not kind and loving but are cruel and have slaughtered thousands. Penryn's wheelchair bound sister was kidnapped by an angel and Penryn must make a deal with an injured angel called Raffe to rescue her.

In the initial assault the angel's commander Michail of killed. None of them know what their mission was so now they must adapt. The angels have taken to human things such as old fashions, the luxury of living in hotels with human servants and having women accompany them like accessories. The angels have colourful plumage that spreads to their bodies. Many accentuate this by wearing matching colourful clothes, accessories and make their women wear the same.

There are other creatures which are hunting the humans in the night. No one has seen them, the mystery surrounding them grows and grows as people begin to speculate. As Raffe and Penryn journey to find her sister they run across them however this only enhances the mystery as not even Raffe knows what they are.

As Penryn and Raffe get to know one another while saving each other time and again they begin to develop feelings for one another. Initially, they hate each other but slowly they begin to trust each other. Soon they become friends and it only begins to develop further. The development of their friendship then love is something great to read about and I really love it.

Penryn's family is unusual and is something you don't really read about much. Her sister is in a wheelchair while her mother is mentally unstable which makes it even harder for them to survive. The mother is a paranoid schizophrenic who is now even more unstable as the world is filled with dangerous legends made flesh.

This is a good book. Lots of action and suspense and at times even scary with the mysterious monsters of the night.
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