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Nothing Like Twilight
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This book is quite simply nothing like the Twilight Saga.

Aliens have invaded Earth, not only claiming our homes but also our bodies as their homes. The aliens are parasites that take hold of someone's body, the only sign being a ring of light around their iris. Melanie is one such person caught and infected, becoming known as a host. Along with the alien inside of her, known as Wanderer, Melanie must journey to the human rebels and her little brother and protect from those that hunt them.

It is rare for a host to survive being occupied but Melanie is one of the strong souls who does. She and Wanderer talk inside their head, even sharing memories from their lives. They do not trust each other at first but as they soon become close friends even referring to one another as 'sister'. Melanie's memories and feelings for her brother and her boyfriend lead Wanderer to have feelings for the both of them as well.

The love triangle between Melanie, Wanderer, Jared (Melanie's boyfriend) and Ian (the man Wanderer develops feelings for) is very complex and unique. This is extremely complicated as Melanie's body longs for Jared while Wanderer cares for Ian. When Wanderer kisses Ian, Melanie reacts by screaming and even gaining control for a moment. When Wanderer/Melanie kisses either man both entities react with distress, Melanie even manages to gain control to push whomever away.

Wanderer's acceptance by the humans is a difficult road. She is treated with mistrust and hate when she arrives. However, as they learn that she is not some evil creature she eventually becomes one of them, even getting the nickname Wanda. The relationship between the humans and Wanda is great to read about as it develops slowly. Through this, we also learn about Wanda's past times on other planets as other beings and even about her species history. The aliens refer to themselves as souls which is a suitable name for them as they are very gentle beings even though they are in fact parasites.

I simply love this book. With one of the strongest bonds between people being the centre of the story, an interesting love triangle and a complex world this book has everything. This is one of my favourites!
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