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Young Adult Fiction 10302
Page-turner with an intriguing plot
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I hadn't read any of her works but I was intrigued by this. Dragons are cool no matter what but, dragons that can shift into people? Awesome!

Ember and her brother, Dante, have an interesting relationship and are quite different from each other. I find with twins that they're very similar or are so different that they feel unrelated. At first, Ember seems similar to her brother but as we get to know her, she develops into her own person. Her struggle for independence is something many teens can relate to. She was a strong female lead.

Garret, a dragon hunter who works for a military organisation, is very serious and works hard at his job. As he starts to develop feelings for Ember, he finds it hard to concentrate on his job. He was one of those strong and brooding types that have a soft side. His backstory was interesting and heightened the drama of what was currently happening.

The forbidden love between Ember and Garret, though you could see it coming, was very enjoyable. It was a real page-turner, I had to know what happened!

The plot was intriguing from the beginning. Dragon shifters in the modern world set in a beachside setting. The two warring organisations, Talon and the Order, are entertaining to read about. Especially, how the dragons fit into our modern world. Plus, it felt like it could develop into a conspiracy later on.
Good Points
Dragon shifters and dragon hunters.
Strong leads.
Good pacing and fun writing style.
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